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Today. Tomorrow. Together.

In September 2018, Wilfrid Laurier University embarked on a consultative process to develop a five-year strategic plan.

"Laurier Strategy 2019-2024: Today. Tomorrow. Together." is the result of several months of consultation, research and work by a 28-member steering committee comprised of members representing all areas of the university community. Thousands of internal and external community members took part in in-person and online consultations to share their aspirations and vision for Laurier’s future.

This five-year strategy highlights Laurier’s role and responsibility in preparing people to be engaged global citizens who will be working to address the world’s challenges in the coming decade. The strategy’s focus on two distinct themes – thriving community and future-readiness – positions the university to address societal and sector challenges and harness opportunities by leveraging foundational strengths in academic excellence, research, partnerships and community.

The plan was approved by the university Senate and Board of Governors in spring 2019.

Steering Committee

The steering committee that guided the process of determining the requirements and direction of a new strategic plan consisted of representatives from around the Laurier community, including staff, faculty, students, administrators and members of the Board of Governors.


  • Deborah MacLatchy, President and Vice-Chancellor


  • Rob Gordon, Provost and Vice-President: Academic
  • Scott Lyons, External Representative, Board of Governors
  • Lynda Kitamura, External Representative, Board of Governors
  • Bill Muirhead, External Representative, Board of Governors
  • Heidi Northwood, Dean: Faculty of Liberal Arts and Interim Senior Executive Officer, Brantford Campus
  • Leanne Holland Brown, Dean of Students: Waterloo campus
  • Jennifer Casey, Assistant Vice-President: Enrollment Services and Registrar
  • Ulrike Gross, Assistant Vice-President: Facilities and Asset Management
  • Jean Becker, Senior Advisor: Indigenous Initiatives
  • Natalie Rigato, Undergraduate Student: Brantford Campus
  • Tarique Plummer, Undergraduate Student: Waterloo Campus
  • Filip Adamski, Graduate Student
  • Connie Palenik, Staff Representative, Board of Governors
  • Melanie Will, Staff Representative, Board of Governors
  • Thomas Waites, WLUAA representative
  • Mark Harris, Principal-Dean: Martin Luther University College
  • Gavin Brockett, Associate Professor: Faculty of Arts
  • Mary Kelly, Professor: Lazaridis School of Business and Economics
  • Kristiina Montero, Associate Professor: Faculty of Education
  • Nikolai Kovalev, Associate Professor: Faculty of Human and Social Sciences
  • Geoff Spurr, Associate Professor: Faculty of Liberal Arts
  • Leslie Fagan, Assistant Professor: Faculty of Music
  • Pam Bryden, Professor: Faculty of Science
  • Ann Curry-Stevens, Associate Professor: Faculty of Social Work
  • Michele Kramer, Instructor
  • Yanli Li, Librarian

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