Accounting (Graduate Diploma)

The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics’ Graduate Diploma in Accounting builds upon your undergraduate accounting program and provides a structured and comprehensive path for those working toward the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

This 12-week program, offered every summer and fall, enhances your knowledge of the technical and enabling competencies required by CPAs (such as financial reporting, tax, auditing, professionalism and problem solving), and prepares you to complete the Common Final Examination (CFE). Upon completion of the program, you will enter the CPA’s Professional Education Program (PEP) at Capstone 1, thereby bypassing the first four modules of the PEP.


Program Highlights

  • This program is designed to be completed in one term, full-time. Students who have finished their undergraduate degree will complete this program in order to prepare for the CPA examinations (the CFE).
  • This program, designed to facilitate CPA preparation, will provide you with advanced and integrated knowledge in financial accounting, management accounting, auditing and taxation.
  • You'll gain technical and practical skills that will benefit your future career advancement.
  • All of the program's courses are designed to address the competencies outlined in the CPA Competency Map.

Program Details


The Graduate Diploma in Accounting program consists of five courses and has been specifically designed to build upon undergraduate courses to ensure comprehensive coverage of the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) competency map. Integrated within the graduate courses is coverage of the CPA Way.

Upon completion of these five courses and the required courses from your undergraduate program in accounting, you'll enter the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) at Capstone 1, thereby bypassing the first four modules of the PEP. These courses have been designed to help you further develop the technical and enabling skills required to complete the Common Final Examination (CFE) and become a CPA.

In order to successfully complete the program and gain advanced standing in the first four modules of the CPA PEP, you must attain a minimum grade of 70% in each of the five graduate diploma courses.

Set Yourself Apart

The best place to start your path to the CPA designation is in Laurier’s Graduate Diploma in Accounting program, and here is why:

  • The program is accredited by Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario) and enables you to obtain advanced standing in the first four modules of the CPA PEP. Successful students will be qualified to take any combination of paths for the CFE (financial accounting, management accounting, audit and assurance or taxation).
  • Benefit from university-based instruction by outstanding faculty who have CPA designations and experience session leading and facilitating for CPA Ontario.
  • Leverage the strengths of the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics and Laurier’s longstanding commitment to high-quality accounting education.
  • Complete a substantial proportion of the PEP modules before you begin full-time employment, alleviating the stress of studying while working.
  • Face-to-face instruction for the full term, ensuring that you understand the material as you go – with help just a hand raise away. You are also able to take advantage of office hours or connect with instructors anytime throughout the term.


The graduate diploma courses are designed and delivered by a combination of research faculty and experienced industry professionals.

Instructors and course developers are professional accountants with CPA designations, with strong ties with CPA Ontario including both sessions leading and facilitating CPA PEP modules including Capstone 1 and 2.

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The Graduate Diploma in Accounting uses a case-based approach to learning that integrates the 'CPA Way'. Small class sizes and experienced professors ensure you will be well prepared to challenge the CFE. Our program will give you the skills and knowledge needed to be successful.

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Application Information

  • Start: Fall and Spring
  • Format: Full-time (12 weeks)
    • The application portal for both the Fall and Spring intake opens on October 1st of each year.
  • Application deadlines:
    • Spring intake: March 15
    • Fall intake: June 30

Waterloo Campus

This program is available on Laurier's Waterloo campus.

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Tuition and Funding

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for each school year are set in the spring and come into effect the fall term of each year. Wilfrid Laurier University reserves the right to modify any part of this program. Fees are approved by the Board of Governors and are subject to change without notice.

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Full-Time Waterloo 2023/24 Tuition Fees

Regardless of the type of graduate degree program you intend to pursue, financial planning is important. At Laurier, our registration and finances supports provide information about possible scholarship and funding opportunities and skills to manage your finances effectively in the years to come.

Students with offers of employment from accounting firms or approved training offices should inquire with their employer about potential tuition subsidies.



The Graduate Diploma in Accounting prepares students for careers as Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) working with CPA firms, public and private companies and government through development of excellent accounting, audit and tax related skills. The program brings together managerial accounting, financial accounting, taxation and auditing.

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