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"Laurier is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) as part of its core values, and understands that the effective creation and dissemination of new knowledge must take place in an academic community that recognizes the dignity and value of each and every one of its students, staff and faculty members."

Deborah Maclatchy, PhD
President and Vice Chancellor

Inclusive Hiring Initiative

The Inclusive Excellence Hiring Initiative is one of Laurier’s steps towards EDI.

The available positions (six Indigenous and six Black faculty members) align with the inclusive community and Indigeneity themes as part of the university’s broader efforts to advance strategic academic and research goals and enhance academic excellence and student experience.

Laurier's Action Plan

Wilfrid Laurier University is a thriving academic community where EDI and Indigeneity are a part of our core values as a learning institution. In pursuit of these goals we have put an action plan in place for which we hold ourselves accountable.

The Intersection of EDI and Academic Freedom

Freedom of expression, which historically served to fight injustice, inequality, and marginalization, is often turned against those seeking justice, equality, and inclusion. The university upholds the value of free expression and diversity of thought as essential to the pursuit of knowledge. These freedoms are not unlimited, including in classrooms or other instructional contexts. (Excerpted from “The Intersection of Freedom of Expression and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” statement.)

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Vanessa Oliver, Interim Associate Vice-President, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion