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Call for Nominations for the Board of Governors

The volunteer members of the Board of Governors play a valuable role in supporting Laurier’s current and future success. The Governance Committee of the Board annually reviews Board member terms and upcoming vacancies, and looks at factors such as leadership experience, community connections, areas of professional expertise, location, gender equity and diversity.

The committee has identified some key attributes and skills needed on the Board over the next few years. Please take a moment to consider if you can recommend individuals who might bring strategic value to the foresight/oversight role of the Board. While the Board does not have any vacancies in the near future, nominations will be reviewed and kept on file. 

Required Attributes and Skills

Core Attributes for all Board Members

  • Proven strategic leadership (e.g. forward planning, change management, strategic analysis/experience, critical thinking).
  • Passionate about Laurier’s well-being (e.g. compelling interest in supporting Laurier; advocates for higher education’s values and contributions).
  • Strong relationship building (e.g. capacity to connect with diverse stakeholders).
  • Effective communication skills (e.g. constructive tone; good facilitation skills).
  • Integrity (e.g. putting the good of the university first; avoiding conflicts of interest; maintaining confidentiality).
  • Diversity of thought/perspective.
  • Related governance experience (e.g. experience on or with board structures).
  • Availability to attend and actively participate.

Demonstrated Organizational Leadership

  • Issues management and public relations (e.g. resiliency; experience dealing with difficult issues).
  • Demonstrated ‘big picture’ thinking.
  • Innovator/mentor for innovation.
  • Able to navigate the impacts of disruptive technologies.

Demonstrated Community Leadership

  • Demonstrated interest in building a diverse and inclusive community.
  • Embedded philanthropy and fundraising.
  • Community partnerships and involvement (experience with region and community; community engagement).

Professional Expertise/Skills

  • Major financial acumen (e.g. audit, risk management).
  • Investment experience.
  • HR/Labour relations.
  • Pension experience.
  • Commercial real estate (e.g. facilities planning and development).
  • Legal.


Of the 34 members of the Laurier Board, 17 are considered “external.” Getting the right fit for these external Board members plays a key role in successful governance at Laurier. The 17 external representatives are comprised as follows:

  • Eight community-at-Large positions appointed by the Board;
  • Six Lieutenant Governor in Council positions appointed by the province; and
  • Three members appointed by Laurier’s Alumni Association Board.

Board members typically serve three-year terms and the Board year starts July 1.

Nomination Process

Nominations are accepted year-round; recommendations to the Board for approval of candidates are timed as needed to address upcoming vacancies. Currently, the Board does not have any upcoming vacancies, however nominations are still being accepted and reviewed for future consideration. 

Note that the Governance Committee works to ensure we continue to secure the best representatives to lead the university. Nominating a candidate does not guarantee their inclusion on the Board. The nomination process is held in strict confidence; therefore, the committee does not disclose the status of nominations at any time.

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