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Our role as a university isn’t much different from our role as an employer. As an educational institution, we inspire lives of leadership and purpose in our student community. As an employer, we seek, foster and value the same qualities of leadership and purpose in our employee community.

Employee Perspective

Our employees tell us that they are here because they feel proud to be part of a unique and inclusive community. A community that supports one another, inspires continuous improvement and respects work/life balance, all while recognizing the importance of a challenging, yet rewarding work experience.

We’re All Part of Something Bigger

We aspire to be a diverse community, and it is this commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion that keeps the needs of our students and our employees at the heart of all that we do.

And when it comes down to the “purpose” that we value, Laurier employees know that by doing what they do each and every day, they are part of something much bigger: they are each helping to shape the future for our students. They are inspiring lives of leadership and purpose.

Explore Laurier Culture

Disconnect from the daily grind and find inspiration through our campus culture. From Music at Noon to Chilling with Dogs, there is no shortage of events. Check out our calendar of events to see what's happening.

A Greener Laurier

The Sustainability Office at Laurier has many programs and services that teach you how to live green at the office and at home. 

  • Sustainability certificate: A series of lunch and learn workshops to help increase your awareness on global-to-local sustainability topics, and encourage behaviour/culture change through increased use of on-campus programs and services.
  • Green Office Program: Designed to increase the presence and implementation of sustainable practices within offices at Laurier.

Employee Corner

At Laurier, it’s not all work. We save some room for play. Through our Co-worker Corner, we feature stories about our employees so you can get to know who you’re working with. Take a sneak peek of what our employees are up to.

What Are You Watching?

Mallory O'Brien

Mallory O'Brien enjoys her dose of dark comedy. One of her favourites is Barry, an HBO show about a hitman who’s trying to become an actor. Another is Vice Principals, also on HBO, about two vice-principals vying to become the new principal of a high school.

What Are You Listening To?

Simon Kiss

Simon Kiss' favourite podcasts are by popular podcaster and author Mike Duncan. The first, The History of Rome, ran from 2007 to 2012, though the recordings are still available online. The second, which he is currently listening to, is called Revolutions.

What Are You Reading?

Suzanne Luke

Suzanne Luke got hooked on graphic novels when her two children became interested. She just finished Boxers and Saints, two companion graphic novels written and illustrated by Gene Luen Yang. The books follow two fictional characters, a boy and a girl, on either side of the Boxer Rebellion, an anti-colonial and anti-Christian uprising in 19th-century China. The girl converts to Christianity while the boy becomes a leader of the Boxer Rebellion.

Explore Our Cities

Relocating for a new job is a big decision to make. Learn more about our community and culture before you move.