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Postdoctoral fellows are a distinct and valued group at Laurier. Postdoctoral Fellowships at Laurier are informed by our values, vision and guiding principles. In turn, it is expected that postdoctoral fellows will contribute to Laurier's core principles and institutional domains, as laid out in the university’s Academic Plan. Postdoctoral Fellow positions may be filled in a variety of ways: through a position posting by a faculty grant holder, by postdoc fellowships offered by Tri-Agencies, or by postdoc fellowships secured independently by recognized granting sources.

At the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, we are responsible for your appointment and we are here to support you. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing an equitable environment for postdoctoral fellows, in which they can pursue research and professional goals in individual and collaborative contexts, and gain valued experience for career advancement.

Becoming a Postdoctoral Fellow

Take the next steps in your academic journey and consider a postdoctoral fellowship at Laurier.

  • Explore this webpage for more information
  • Inquire about postdoctoral research opportunities with individual faculty members that have research interests aligned with your own
  • Learn more about the funding opportunities available to support postdoctoral fellows. Funding to support postdoctoral fellows is normally derived from a faculty member’s research grant or through an external fellowship. Postdoctoral fellow appointments are proposed and arranged by faculty members, and subject to approvals
  • Take advantage of professional skills development opportunities available including those offered through our ASPIRE program, and other professional organizations including the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS)

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