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Intellectual Property and Commercialization

As outlined in our Commercialization Framework, Wilfrid Laurier University is committed to maximizing the benefits of research undertaken at Laurier for the benefit of the citizens of Ontario and its economy. We seek to create an ecosystem that drives innovation that strengthens human health and well-being, the economy, communities, and the planet. We are committed to the management and protection of intellectual property (IP) generated by our researchers to maximize commercial opportunities and benefits to society. Our commitment is reinforced in our Research Strategy where knowledge dissemination, research excellence, partnerships, and future readiness are weaved throughout.

In accordance with the Commercialization Mandate Agreement framework of the Province of Ontario, Laurier has the following policies, procedures and resources in place to manage and incentivize the commercialization of intellectual property (IP).

Policies and processes for IP and commercialization are governed by Collective Agreements between the University and Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association and University Policies. Laurier has an inventor-own policy, thus, a faculty member or a student owns the IP they create.

Education and Resources on research, IP, and commercialization are available to inform researchers about conducting research leading to the generation of new knowledge and IP.

The Office of Research Services promotes and supports research partnerships with a wide range of organizations and individuals by facilitating access to and engagement with Laurier’s robust and dynamic innovation ecosystem.

Should you have any questions about IP commercialization, please contact the Industry Liaison Specialist

Laurier Research Policies

All research conducted at or by Laurier or its personnel must conform to institutional policies. Contact the Office of Research Services if you have any questions about the following policies:

See University-Level Policies for the following policies relevant to research and researchers.

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