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For over 25 years, Laurier Association for Lifelong Learning (LALL) has offered community-first opportunities for lifelong learning. In a rapidly changing world, lifelong learning plays a crucial role for personal fulfillment, social cohesion and prosperity.

LALL courses create more opportunity and accessibility for learning at Laurier. Learning is open to everyone and has no application processes. Courses and lectures have no grades or assignments. Those who join enjoy relevant and engaging learning for its own sake.


LALL is your opportunity to join Laurier's thriving lifelong learning community

Accessible and open learning for all

One-off lectures and lecture series are offered weekly in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Registration is simple through our online portal, and lectures are hosted in accessible public spaces.

Guided by Laurier academic excellence

Engage in high-quality lectures on engaging and relevant topics. Instructors are passionate subject matter experts sourced from our on-campus faculty or off-campus community.

Learning for fun and community

All learning is focused on creating more open access to knowledge, making learning fun, and creating more opportunity for more people to join Laurier's learning community. 



Stay connected to LALL lectures and lifelong learning

This association is easy to join. Just sign up for an upcoming lecture!

The best way to stay informed of all our upcoming courses and new learning opportunities is to join our mailing list. We only send information related to upcoming LALL lectures or lifelong learning opportunities at Laurier.

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