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Pursuing a university degree is a big decision, especially with factors like family, work and former schooling to consider. But trust us – we're here for you every step of the way. Transfer credits, finances, course selection, campus community, Laurier lingo - we'll make sure you have everything you need to make informed decisions that suit your unique story.

Whether you are levelling up from diploma to degree, broadening your scope with a second field of study, or picking up again after a hiatus from formal education, you belong here and we can’t wait to be inspired together.

Transfer Terminology

Here's the scoop on a few terms you'll come across a lot as a transfer student:

Transfer Student: Anyone applying to a postsecondary institution who has previously been enrolled at another college for at least one year or earned at least 4.0 credits at another university.

Transfer Credits: Credits earned at your previous postsecondary institution that are recognized by the school you are applying to and counted towards your next degree.

Pathway: A fast-track for college students looking to earn a university degree that involves taking a defined set of courses in both college and university.

Articulation: A unique agreement between two schools to allow you to efficiently earn one or more diplomas/degrees in a specific field (a type of pathway).

2+2 Agreement: A special type of articulation that allows college graduates with a particular diploma (from one or more participating colleges) to earn 10.0 transfer credits (or two years' worth of courses). If you participate in a 2+2 agreement, you could typically complete your undergraduate degree in only two additional years of study.

Mature Learner: Anyone starting their university career for the first time who has been out of full-time education for at least two years. Note: some mature learner services are offered to all students over the age of 25, so if that's you it's always worth confirming your options directly with the campus service provider!

Choose Your Path

At Laurier, we know that no two students are the same. That's why we have so many ways you can customize your degree as well as your non-academic Laurier experience.

That being said, we want to help you maximize your time here so we've developed a wide variety of pathways to help you expedite your journey to a degree based on courses you've already mastered. There's something for everyone here.



Maximize Your Transfer Credits

You've already put a lot of time and energy into completing coursework at another college or university – we value that! When you apply to Laurier, we will automatically review all your postsecondary coursework and you may be granted credits towards your Laurier degree. Nothing like a head start, right?

Apply to Transfer

Applying to university as a transfer student is a lot like applying to any postsecondary institution straight out of high school except for two things:

  1. Your deadline is later (April 1); and
  2. You have a couple extra documents to submit.

Transfer credits will be reviewed automatically when you apply, so be sure you're planning ahead to have all the right credits in place and keep up with transfer-specific admission averages.

Transfer Tip: As you read through this Application Process guide, look for terms like "all other students" and "105 applicants" to find transfer-specific information.

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"I was nervous coming to a new school, and never thought I would fit in, but that was far from true. Transferring to Laurier was the best decision I have ever made. It has opened my mind to ideas and opportunities I never imagined."

Brittany Taylor-Cash, BA '21 (Youth and Children Studies with a minor in Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University), Diploma '19 (Community and Justice Services, Mohawk College)

Discover Life at Laurier

You'll hear it a lot around here: "It's great to be a Laurier Golden Hawk!"

Find out why in this year's viewbook, and explore Laurier and our campuses.


Support for Your Transition

This may not be your first rodeo as far as postsecondary education goes, but you'll find out pretty quickly that every school has its own culture, processes and opportunities. Learn more about off-campus housing, on-campus parking, academic support services, peer mentors for mature students, funding your education and more.

No matter who you are or where you're coming from, there's a special place for you at Laurier and we have a whole team eager to help you settle in.