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A Humerus Adventure: Discovering Human Anatomy in a Laboratory Environment

Explore the human body using the new state-of-the-art technology of synthetic cadavers. Synthetic cadavers are highly detailed and mimic the mechanical properties and feel of real tissues.

Our sessions take a hands-on approach to foster application-based learning experiences. Small, directed groups enable high school students to have a clear and in-depth look at anatomical structures using both models and cadavers. Topics covered include:

  • the skeletal system
  • articulations
  • musculature
  • the cardiopulmonary system
  • nervous systems
  • organs in the abdominopelvic cavity

Information for Teachers: Advance Preparation

The below information can be used by high school teachers to start planning for their visit. Keep in mind there is some flexibility in our anatomy program and it can be modified to fit the scope of the class attending.

To participate or for further information, fill out the Bring Your Class to Campus Request Form. Additional information about visiting campus is found on the Guidance Counsellors and Educators page.

Background Knowledge

Our kinesthetic lab experience enhances the learning that goes on in the classroom, so it is beneficial for students to have an understanding of the following basic concepts to improve the experience:

  • Groups of organs with specific structures and functions work together as a system.
  • The body is composed of multiple systems that can work together to maintain homeostasis.
  • Movements about the larger joints of the body and some of the general muscle groups that can cause these movements.

Health, Safety and Attire

This experience occurs within a laboratory environment. Lab coats and gloves will be provided. Students must:

  • Wear close-toed shoes.
  • Tie back long hair.
  • Bring their own drinking water.

If there are any special needs or concerns (e.g. mobility issues, allergies), please inform the coordinator before the field trip so that accommodations can be made where possible.

Student Behaviour Expectations

A positive and safe experience can only be obtained if all participants adhere to the following guidelines:

  • A code of conduct will be forwarded and handed out at the beginning of your session. Students are expected to follow the behaviour outlined in this document.
  • Follow the directions of the coordinators, volunteers or teachers at all times.
  • Act in a safe and respectful manner. Any rowdy or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Any student or group of students who do not behave appropriately may not be permitted to participate in the remainder of the field trip.

Permissions, Dates and Fees

Your school must provide an appropriate permission form to parents/guardians, indicating the above requirements for this field trip.

Limited dates and times are available because of class demands on the laboratory space.

There is a small fee in order to cover costs of materials for the visit.