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Wilfrid Laurier University has established working partnerships with a select group of highly esteemed national and international postsecondary institutions. Laurier's partnerships thrive on aligned goals and an acknowledgment of the importance in creating collaborative program curricula to ensure learning outcomes are on the leading edge of disciplinary practices.

We invite you to explore the advantages of our innovative partnerships with:

Conestoga College

Laurier has established a working partnership with Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning to deliver an innovative learning experience. The Laurier-Conestoga joint programs provide a unique educational advantage that combines theoretical knowledge with applied skills to maximize student success through improved and customizable career preparation.

The following partnerships allow you to earn both a bachelor's degree from Laurier and a graduate certificate from Conestoga in only four years.

 *A graduate certificate is not embedded into the International Education Studies program, however; the Conestoga TEFL certificate program is recognized by TESL Canada, Standard 1.

Fleming College

This partnership offers a 2+2 pathway for students interested in earning a diploma and degree in four years. Graduates of six Fleming College programs can enter directly into third year of Laurier’s Honours Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and complete their degree in only two years.

The pathway option is available to students in Fleming College’s two-year (technician) and three-year (technology) diploma programs in the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences: Environmental Technician and Technology; Ecosystem Management Technician and Technology; and Fish and Wildlife Technician and Technology.

Lambton College and Mohawk College

Lambton College and Mohawk College have collaborated with Laurier to establish a college-to-university pathway program. The 2+2 pathway creates new opportunities for Indigenous Studies students to advance their post-secondary education.

Students at Mohawk and Lambton who take Indigenous-focused courses have the opportunity to continue their studies at Laurier to complete a university degree:

Metalworks Institute

Laurier’s Faculty of Music partnership with Metalworks Institute allows Music students to blend a degree and a diploma from both institutions, receiving state-of-the-art, hands-on audio engineering experience from Metalworks alongside the traditional and innovative music degree options at Laurier in as little as four years.

This partnership allows a reciprocal pathway for Metalworks Diploma graduates to receive two semesters of credits (one-year) toward a four-year Laurier Bachelor of Music degree. Laurier students can spend three terms at Metalworks and receive an Audio Production and Engineering Diploma that will be credited towards a year of their Laurier Bachelor of Music degree. Alternatively, Laurier music students can enroll in Metalworks’ unique courses on an ‘a-la-carte’ basis to supplement their university experience.

Randolph College for the Performing Arts

This unique academic partnership with Randolph College for the Performing Arts (RCPA) is designed to allow students to earn both their Bachelor of Music (BMus) and their Performing Arts diploma in only four to five years in one of two ways:

  1. Successfully graduating from Randolph College for the Performing Arts' (RCPA) two-year Performing Arts diploma program and then transferring to Laurier to complete their Bachelor of Music in Self-Directed Studies or Bachelor of Music in Community Music. Students applying to Laurier will receive 10.0 credits. To complete either degree at Laurier students must complete 10.0 additional credits (two additional years of full-time study).
  2. Completing three years in Laurier's Voice Performance (BMus) program and then transferring to RCPA’s two-year Performing Arts diploma program to graduate with both degree and diploma (five years total).

Enrollment at both Laurier and RCPA requires successful completion of an audition with each institution. Regardless of whether Laurier or RCPA is attended first, students must apply for transfer to the other program within 10 years of their final year enrolled in a qualifying program at their initial institution.

Six Nations Polytechnic

Successful completion of the community-based, University Consortium Year 1 program at Six Nations Polytechnic (Ohsweken or Brantford campus) provides the foundation for students to be eligible for admission into the second year of Laurier's general Bachelor of Arts degree program (Waterloo or Brantford campus).

This partnership offers students the opportunity to complete the first year of a Bachelor of Arts degree within the Six Nations community. Courses taken during the Consortium program at Six Nations Polytechnic are eligible for transfer credits towards a Laurier degree.

To take part in this partnership, apply to Laurier as a transfer student.

University of Sussex

Laurier has established a working partnership with the University of Sussex to deliver an international learning experience that is one of the first of its kind for a Canadian university. Laurier's commitment to justice and global engagement is enhanced by a partnership that encourages students to merge their career choice with an opportunity to study abroad and immerse themselves in an international cultural experience.

Our partnership allows you to earn a bachelor's degree from Laurier and a law degree from the University of Sussex in only six years. In your final year of study, Laurier’s targeted student and staff support services will position you to successfully write the national accreditation exams leading to legal practice in Canada or begin a rewarding career in a number of other law-related fields.

University of Waterloo

Student satisfaction is a shared institutional priority that supports Laurier's working partnership with the University of Waterloo. The success of our partnership is achieved through a harmonious program curriculum and is complemented by close institutional proximity that supports social integration and fosters an inclusive culture.

Our partnership allows you to earn two bachelor's degrees from both Laurier and the University of Waterloo in only five years while taking courses at both universities. 

Vancouver Film School

Laurier recognizes the importance of graduates entering the film and television industry to possess a balanced portfolio of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. The combination of our institutional strengths offers a curriculum that enables students to achieve academic excellence and career satisfaction.

Our partnership allows you to earn both a bachelor's degree from Laurier in Film Studies or in English and a diploma from the Vancouver Film School in only four years. You will spend your third year at the Vancouver Film School and return to Laurier for your final year.

Diplomas are available in Film Production, Acting for Film and Television and Writing for Film, Television and Games.