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Workplace or simulated-workplace projects such as real-world case studies, research activities or events, where students deliver authentic work for a partner organization in response to a specific problem or issue. 

Example Course Descriptions

Below are examples of some courses that fit the in-course workplace projects opportunity. 

BU459: Social Marketing and Networks

This course is a popular one with employer partners and students alike. Students work with a local company to develop a social media marketing plan based on their needs and challenges. Students work in groups to come up with innovative solutions for their partner and present them in a formal setting. The final products are provided to the partner for their use. Partners include small- and medium-sized businesses in a range of sectors.

ES296: Introduction to Sustainability

Students work in groups dedicated to a specific challenge facing the smaller communities in the Waterloo Region such as Ayr and communities in Woolwich Township. They learn about various solutions and make a recommendation to the partners based on applicability, ingenuity and feasibility. The course usually includes a visit to the host community and in-person “pitches” to the partner.

HI323 Memories, Monuments and Museums

Students competed a weekly workplace experience with partners such as the Brant Historical Society and the Canadian Industrial Historical Centre to gain discipline-specific skills and experience such as display creation and artifact inventory, digital documentation, editing and transcribing. 

Read about a student's project experience with Squad Box.

Courses Offered

We have a range of courses that seek partners each year/term in business, business technology management, kinesiology, geography and French. Course offerings can vary and we are add new courses each year. 

  • Adapted Physical Activity for Individuals with Disabilities
  • Advanced Translation I
  • Brand Management
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Capstone in Social Entrepreneurship
  • Capstone Urban Sustainability Project
  • Developing a Social Venture
  • Disability and Physical Activity
  • Drugs and Behaviour
  • Global Marketing Management
  • High-Tech Marketing
  • International Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Sustainability
  • Marketing and Social Networks
  • Marketing and Society
  • Marketing in Sport and Activity
  • Marketing Research
  • Media and the News in French
  • Memory, Monuments and Museums
  • Org and Admin in Physical Activity and Sport
  • Powering Earth
  • Services Marketing
  • Social Innovation in the City
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Teaching and Coaching Sport
  • Technology and Innovation Management

How the Experience Works

For most project courses, partners:

  • attend a class early in the semester to present the project, 
  • connect with students to discuss the project throughout the term (about one to three times), and
  • are invited to attend final presentations.

We look for project proposals four to six months in advance of the course starting. Courses start in September (fall), January (winter) and May (spring). 

If your organization is interested in a project partnership, contact us or complete the Partnership Request form

Contact Us:

Community and Workplace Partnerships

T: 548.889.3241

  • Waterloo campus: Community and Workplace Partnerships, 12 Lodge St.
  • Brantford campus: Sara Darling, One Market, OM-206-49