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Professional inquiry opportunities are short-term workplace or community exposure opportunities provided to students, allowing them to observe, engage and ask questions (in-person or remote). 

The duration of this experience is usually a maximum of one day.

Currently, partners in healthcare (broadly) are needed each year for several courses but contacts in other sectors are welcome. 

Example Course Descriptions

Below are examples of some courses that fit the professional inquiry opportunity. 

PO102: Politics Beyond Borders

This large (400+ students) first class includes a professional inquiry model that incorporates visits with two community partners (a former MP and a local community advocate working with refugee claimants) and a letter writing exercise.

Students bring together course theory, the information gleaned from the partners, and their passion for an issue related to international politics to draft a letter to their local MP.

A written reflective paper and tutorial discussion then helps students reflect on their learning and determine what some next steps might for them if they wanted to continue to pursue advocacy around their issue.

HS322: Health Policy

Students participate in a job shadow or conduct an interview with professionals who influence, create, and/or implement policy in a variety of healthcare settings including community health centres, public health units, and hospitals.

Courses Offered

Job shadow, site visits and other mentoring/exposure type opportunities are matched to courses so students can gain experiences that overlap with their course content. 

At Laurier, we offer a selection of courses connected to professional inquiry opportunities. Course offerings can vary and we are add new courses each year. 

  • Adapted Physical Activity for Individuals with Disabilities
  • Advanced Translation I (French)
  • Canadian Health Care Systems
  • Coastal Processes and Landform
  • Economics of Growth
  • Environmental Economics
  • Francophone Culture
  • Health Policy
  • Introduction to Community Music
  • Introduction to International Development
  • Introduction to Sustainability
  • Literature in Revolt
  • Philosophy of Multiculturalism
  • Seminar: Coastal Environment
  • Social Science Theories
  • Sociology of Medicine
  • Teaching and Coaching Sport

How the Experience Works

For our professional inquiry partnership, you can offer a site visit, informational interview or job shadow activity. In some courses, you may be asked to join the class on campus. 

We look for opportunities two to four months in advance of the course starting. Courses start in September (fall), January (winter) and May (spring).

If your organization is interested in a professional inquiry partnership, contact us or complete the Partnership Request form

Onboarding Your Student

The onboarding process is minimal for these short experiences. There is no paperwork required of your organization. 

If the experience takes place at your organization's site, our coordinators may ask you a few questions related to the setting, and health and safety.

Placement Expectations

You may be asked to verify completion of the experience electronically.

Contact Us:

Community and Workplace Partnerships

T: 548.889.3241

  • Waterloo campus: Community and Workplace Partnerships, 12 Lodge St.
  • Brantford campus: Sara Darling, One Market, OM-206-49