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Protection of Privacy

Personal information, including that of both current and prospective students, is protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). FIPPA is provincial legislation that governs the university’s collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.

Under FIPPA, university faculty and staff are prohibited from discussing, changing or divulging a student or applicant’s personal information (including grades, class attendance, information about course progress, and application status) with anyone other than the student.

FIPPA allows communication with family members when there are serious concerns about a student’s health or safety, including illness or injury.

Have a Talk about Privacy

Speak with your student or applicant about how involved they want you to be and respect their choices.

If possible, try to maintain open communication with your student so that you are kept up-to-date with what they are doing. Establish an information-sharing arrangement you are both comfortable with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Proxy Accounts

The "Proxy Access" tab on LORIS allows students to give their parents or guardians access to invoicing and account summary information. This option streamlines account-sharing processes, helping parents and guardians review detailed account information for their enrolled students.

Students can add an unlimited amount of proxy profiles to their account through LORIS and easily change access over time, providing an added layer of self-service for students and their families.

How to Add a Proxy Account

  • To change or add a proxy account, students are required to log into their LORIS account and click on the “Proxy Access” tab on the top right-hand side. Students will then be directed to a proxy management page where they can add a proxy by providing a unique email address and name, or manage existing profiles.
  • After selecting “Add a Proxy,” students must indicate their relationship to the proxy and create a secret passphrase to validate the account – the passphrase allows proxies the ability to call in to Service Laurier and ask questions regarding the account information. Finally, students must click “Email Passphrase” to complete the process.
  • The proxy will receive an email requesting an account be made using the passphrase provided. Users will be prompted to set up a password and their account information. The proxy will then have access only to the student’s account summary and invoices. Proxy accounts will also be sent an email reminder when the student’s e-bill is posted.
  • Parents and guardians can continue to access the proxy account through a special LORIS proxy login screen.

Note: This new service does not provide proxy accounts with access to other account information, such as academic records.

Frequently Asked Questions

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