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Employee handbooks and collective agreements provide new, current or prospective employees with answers to general questions they may have about their employment at Laurier. Topics about employment at Laurier include:

  • employee recognition
  • onboarding process
  • employment equity
  • health and safety
  • talent and organizational development
  • hours of work and leaves
  • benefits and pensions
  • compensation
  • termination and retirement

For questions regarding Laurier’s employee practices that are not addressed in the handbooks or collective agreements, contact Human Resources at 548.889.3385.

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are reviewed annually and the most up-to-date versions are posted on our website, rendering all previous handbooks inoperative effective immediately. The university has the right to change any information set out in these handbooks without consulting, obtaining agreement or providing notice of any kind to employees.

Collective Agreements

The following collective agreements will be posted as they become available. For a copy of the collective agreements, please contact Human Resources.