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Admission to Laurier's Bachelor of Education program is based on two components: academic standing and an experience profile. The experience profile form is completed and submitted online in your applicant portal account.

You must submit your completed experience profile before the posted deadline

Your experience profile is reviewed if you meet the minimum academic requirements for admission. Experience profile scores are not disclosed to applicants.

Letters of reference are not required.

How to Submit

The experience profile is used as admission criteria. You will find a link to the experience profile in your portal account*.

  1. Log in to your portal account.
  2. Select the "My Applications" tab.
  3. Select your application under the "My Applications" heading.
  4. You will be brought to a form that contains your list of required documents (and instructions on what to submit), including your experience profile requirements.
  5. Complete the experience profile form and submit.

*You can access your portal account after receiving a welcome email from our Admissions team that contains your login information.

Note: We recommend that you write and save your Experience Profile responses in a Word document and then cut and paste your responses into the Experience Profile form on your portal.

Experience Profile Overview

The Experience Profile will allow you to share your lived experiences, backgrounds, and understandings and indicate your commitment to the teaching profession and to inclusive, inquiry-based and innovative learning communities.

Responses to the questions below will be used to assess each Experience Profile holistically. The assessment of the Experience Profile will be considered in accordance with other admissions requirements. Your responses will be used solely for admission into the Bachelor of Education program and will be held in strict confidence by the Admissions Committee.


The experience profile consists of two sections. Each response is limited to 500 words. If the Experience Profile form does not submit when you click on the “submit” button, please review the character count of your responses to ensure they adhere to the character limitations.

There is a 500-word limit for Part A and a 500-word limit for Part B.

Part A

Describe your motivations for applying to the Laurier Bachelor of Education program and entering the teaching profession.*

Part B

Explain how your personal background and lived experiences will influence your future role as an effective and empathetic educator. Include any relevant volunteer or employment activities.*

*Questions are subject to change without prior notice. 

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