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The Faculty of Education at Laurier inspires inquiry, inclusion and innovation to cultivate diverse learners and leaders for sustainable, thriving communities. We are committed to engaged research, inclusive approaches, innovative teaching strategies and meaningful connections with our students and school partners.

As a graduate of Laurier's Education program, you will be knowledgeable, highly skilled and confident as you begin your teaching career. We welcome you to join us in this journey to a challenging yet rewarding career in education.

Dynamic Classroom Experience

Our Education faculty members love teaching and learning! It’s evident in the dynamic way they conduct their programs and learning seminars. Our classes are engaging and interactive!

There are many program elements that respond to global competencies such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation, and problem-solving. The integration of varied technologies within course content enables you to select and use the most appropriate technologies for teaching and learning. Indigenous content and ways of knowing permeate all of our courses. All of this learning comes to life in over 100 days of practical experience in classrooms or other teaching contexts.

Learn From the Best

Laurier’s learning environment helps each of our Teacher Candidates to succeed. You'll enjoy a favourable student-to-instructor ratio in dynamic courses and professional learning seminars. You'll receive constant support and instruction from our talented and committed faculty members and associate teachers, fostering your future success.

Program and Format Structure 

Courses are organized by semester so that Teacher Candidates move from building foundational knowledge related to teaching and learning in Year One to more complex understandings and applications in Year Two. Sequentially, the themes addressed over the four semesters are:  

  • First semester: Building Teaching Foundations
  • Second semester: Building Content Knowledge
  • Third semester: Reaching Every Learner
  • Fourth semester: Making Connections

Each program of study (Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate) includes foundation courses, methods courses for all curriculum subjects, practicum courses, and electives. Throughout the program, you will build a deep understanding of teaching, learning and assessment in each curriculum area and learn how to integrate instruction and assessment across curriculum areas to prepare for your future. 
Our Diversity Courses provide an intentional, specialized focus on equity and diversity, mental health, Indigenous topics in education, special education and English or multi-language learners.

Year One

In Year One, you will have an Alternative Placement where you will apply teaching and learning skills outside the regular Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) school system. You may also apply for international teaching opportunities as available. Past alternative placements have included schools located in First Nations communities, programs in settings like children’s mental health centres, residential or group homes, museums, and outdoor education centres. In the past, Teacher Candidates have completed their alternative placements in international/intercultural settings such as Italy, Egypt, and Northwest Territories. The alternative placement provides you with valuable experiences that may not be available at your Laurier Partner School.

Year Two

In Year Two, your final teaching block is an Extended, 8-Week Placement. The extended practicum provides extensive opportunities for varied classroom and school experiences that will deepen your knowledge of current Ontario curricula and educational policies and allow you to demonstrate and build your professional teaching abilities.


Technology is an integral part of teaching and learning in our program. You will have access to current and emerging technologies for your own learning and instruction at your school sites. Current technology being introduced across Mathematics and Technology courses and within research projects includes robotics, Micro:bits, and coding as part of a space-themed collaborative project between an industry partner and faculty members. Elective courses examine effective strategies for teaching online classes in Kindergarten to Grade 10 and the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence in education.

Flexible Learning Spaces

Laurier's active learning classrooms create student-centred learning environments that encourage and facilitate active and collaborative teaching approaches. These classrooms include folding and moveable tables and advanced technologies that allow students to collaborate and share their work with their group or the entire class. In this way, instructors strive to model cutting-edge pedagogies to our Teacher Candidates for maximum student engagement. A variety of learning spaces are utilized across campuses as appropriate to the content and pedagogy of the courses being taught.

Professional Teaching and Transition Session(s)

An introduction to the teaching profession will establish the professional nature of the program and how this differs from an undergraduate program. You will meet other teacher candidates and instructors in the program, participate in interactive team-building activities, tour the campus, and learn about other resources available to you at Laurier. Throughout, and at the end, of your program, you will also participate in Professional Practice Days.

Career Preparation & Mentoring

Laurier’s Career Centre provides support for all our graduates through mentoring, resume building, mock interviews and other services that will help you prepare for future employment. You'll also have the opportunity to network with your peers and to attend professional development seminars on topics of interest to you.

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